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Day: November 20, 2017

Skills That Should Be Inculcated In Young Adults

Skills That Should Be Inculcated In Young Adults

So many big companies complain that the graduates and school leaving population that apply for their internship programmes and others job openings have zero skills that make them an attractive candidate. In a world where knowledge is readily available through the internet, knowing everything is no longer a qualification. It’s the skills that get you an interview. Therefore, it is imperative that we start teaching our youth the skills they will need to know for when they get jobs – any job – wherever they go. 

A Team Player

Funnily enough, kids today have more team playing skills on their screens than in their real lives, thanks to multiplayer online games. In real life, very few youths know how to work in a group setting. Either everyone wants to take the spotlight, or everyone wants to hide. In a proper team, everyone has their assigned role and task and will not infringe on the others’ unless they are asked for help. Think of any sports team. There’s a reason why each player has an assigned position on the court or field. These skills can be taught; and it is imperative that reliable HR consultancy services everywhere start implementing outreach programmes in schools teaching them team player skills in work life scenarios if they want that generation to be employable.

An Inspiring Leader

Leaders can be born, made or forced to be. In either situation, a leader has to be responsible for others, for themselves, inspire his/her team and be able to guide them when necessary. It is not the leaders job to micro manage everything nor oversee everything. They are responsible for the final product, so they coordinate, ease cooperation among the team and track progress. There are plenty of leadership development Adelaide programmes out there, conducted by various organizations, institutions and youth advocacy groups because this skill is something that will help these youth throughout their lives.

Various Writing Skills

Interestingly, writing is taught in schools as a means to an end: it’s what you have to do to express an answer to a question. However, writing is a skill that becomes a necessity in various kinds of jobs. For instance, academic writing uses a completely different register from anything else, and is a staple of academics, scientists and others who write to journals. Journalists have to write articles to newspapers and magazines (or online) using journalistic writing. Corporate workers constantly do executive summaries and have to write reports. All these require very precise vocabulary, sentence structures and knowledge or organization and paragraphs.If these few skills are taught to youngsters when they are still open to learning, perhaps they will have transferable skills when they grow up that will be attractive to employers.