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How To Get A Marine License Course

How To Get A Marine License Course

marine licence course

To be able to get out in the water and drive a water boat or personal watercraft vehicle, you should hold a marine license and this license is awarded by the government after a process. You cannot get your motorboat out in the water without this license as it is illegal and dangerous as well. You should also get a certification of first aid course so that you can combat any medical emergency and save your life and life of others. You can get a marine licence course against a fee that will be determined after the registration of your boat or PWC. Every state and country has separate requirements of minimum education of getting the license and every one must pass the minimum required education and test to get a hold of the marine license course.

  • Research and register

If you wish to get a marine license course you would have to search and learn about the requirements according to your state. Every state has a specification and everyone has to follow those to get the license. The minimum age of getting the license is 12 years and above but educational requirements might be different in different states. After getting the information you can get yourself registered in the marine license course.

  • Prepare for the test

You can select the option of online test and study or in-person test and study. The test and preparation are not as comprehensive as an automotive test and licensing process but it is very important. You have to complete the boating educational as well as first aid course in the given time. All the educational material is available on the internet as well.

  • Take the test

After the completion of the educational material, you can opt for taking the test and you have the option of appearing online or in-person for this test. Given the present situation all over the world, with a pandemic going on currently, it is recommended to take the test from the comfort of your own home.

  • Other tests

Apart from the educational test, you also have to take some additional tests to prove yourself worthy of handling a motorboat, sailing boat, or personal watercraft in the water. You have to take an eye-sight test and pass it to get a marine license course. A first aid course certification and a marine educational certificate as well. If you are intending to drive a watercraft you also have to take a PWC endorsement license and test.

  • Age restrictions

Even if you have all the certifications and tests completely passed but you are above the age of 12 and under the age of 16, you will have the marine license but with some restrictions. You will be prohibited to get in the water during sunset and sunrise timing. You will also have a speed restriction at 10knots and cannot operate your watercraft above 10knots.Please visit for more information.